Putting Up Shelving

When you are in need of more storage space but don’t have much spare floor space, shelving can be a great solution. They save you floor space while utilizing vertical space to adequately hold the jumbled items in order.

When setting up a shelf in your home, you need to have tools such as spirit level, pencil, a nail, a hammer, drill, wood screws, and a stud detector. Secondly, you need to identify the type of materials to use for your shelf. Some available popular materials include glass, pine boards, melamine, MDF and wood effect. They each have unique properties and their choice depends on the attributes of the existing house as well as personal preference. For instance, pine boards are versatile and can be painted, stained or varnished. Similarly, glass is fashionable and gives a distinctive style to your house.

Before putting up the shelf on your wall, you need to consider the space used by open doors and identify at least two studs on your wall. Studs are wood frames in the wall structure, which support the plasterboard. They are used to hold the shelf in position; otherwise, the shelf would not bear much weight. To fix the braces, make a hole on one side of the stud and then trace the line straight to the other side and drill a second hole. Before placing and fixing the shelf on the brackets, make sure that the shelf is level to prevent slanting and unsteadiness of items upon completion. Lastly, you can screw the shelf and give it the desired finishing.

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