How To Make A Flyscreen

Learning how to make a flyscreen is not too difficult once you know how. The materials required for this task include
• The flyscreen mesh, normally made out of aluminum or fibreglass.
• The flyscreen frame.
• The corner stakes to hold the corners of the frame together.
• PVC spline, a spline wheel to roll the spline into the frame, and swivel clips.

You will need a measuring tape to determine the width and height of the frame, a hacksaw to cut the frame to the right size, and a mitre box to cut the corners at a 45° angle. You will also need a blade to cut the excess mesh and spline.

Once you have the necessary materials and tools in hand, it is time to start by determining the dimensions of the flyscreen. Measure from the inner side of the top track to the outer side of the bottom edge and leave about 3mm for tolerance. This will ensure that the dimension of the frame matches the window when you are fitting the frame into tracks.

Use a fine-toothed hacksaw and a mitre box to cut the frame at 45° angle. The angled corner can be fitted together by simply using a corner stake. If the stake does not go in smoothly, just place a piece of wood over the corner and hammer the joints together without risking any damage to the frame.

Once the frame is ready, it is time to drape the mesh and make the flyscreen. When cutting the mesh, make sure there is a 80-90 mm overlap that will be helpful to stretch the mesh and create a taut flyscreen before fixing the spline in its place.

Start by fixing the spline about 90mm from the corner. Then, press the spline in the middle to ensure the mesh is held firmly in place before using the spline wheel to press it firmly into the channel. The 90mm gap will make sure the spline stretches without popping out of the channel. Dipping the spline in hot water will make it malleable. Once the spline cools, it will become hard and will hold the mesh firmly in place.

Use the wheel to press the spline into the channel on all three sides. Ensure the mesh is neither too lose nor too tight. For the last side, pull the mesh tightly and insert the spline to finish the job. Just cut the excess spline and mesh and your flyscreen is ready.

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