How To Install A Wall Mount For Your TV

Having a mountable TV has many great benefits, but it is important to learn how to install a television wall mount properly, or else you risk the television falling and breaking or damaging your walls.

Tools required to install a TV wall mount include a spirit level, a drill and drill bits, a wrench and a stud finder.

Materials required include nylon anchor plugs, screws, washers, bolts and nuts, along with a special television wall mount bracket.

How to Choose a Television Wall Mount Bracket There are many to choose from and it may be difficult to decide which one you need. Check with the manufacturer or look at the box the television came in to get the recommended bracket. If your television came with a bracket, use this one.

When searching for a bracket, make sure the bracket will handle the weight of your television. You can find this information in the manual of your TV. Decide which type of bracket you want: ceiling or wall brackets, ones that swing or swivel, etc. Then check the box and make sure it will handle the weight of your specific television.

How to Install a Television Wall Mount Step 1: Decide where you want the television. Start in the room where you normally watch television. Change positions frequently to see if you can view the television without a lot of problems. You may also choose to watch at different times of day, such as early afternoon, evening and morning. The light will be different at each time of day and you want to make sure you will always be able to watch TV.

Step 2: Find out which type of wall you have: masonry or stud wall.

Step 3: Mount the television in the space designated.

To do this for Masonry walls:

Place the wall bracket where you want it, and mark the mounting holes lightly with a pencil. This will ensure you have it placed exactly. Use a spirit level to make sure it is completely straight.

Drill the holes that were marked earlier with a masonry drill bit and insert nylon anchor plugs. Secure the bracket by screwing in the screws. Attach the all remaining pieces by following directions.

To Install a Bracket with a Stud Wall Plaster will not be strong enough to hold your television. You will follow all the directions above, except you will need to make sure you are drilling into a stud (the wooden piece between the plaster). Use a stud finder to find the studs.

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