Handyman Tips: Cleaning Your Gutters

Cleaning your gutters is a very important task.  Cleaning your gutters is best done right before summer and then again right before winter.  Before the summer season is especially important if you live in a fire-risk area, as well as clearing out the yard and trimming trees that are close to your home.

As well as helping to reduce fire risks, it also stops the gutters overflowing in winter and causing roof leakage and water damage to walls and foundations.  You can either clean the guttters yourself or get your local handyman Adelaide to do it for you.  Clean gutters also make a home look well presented.

Let’s take a look at some handyman tips on how to clean the gutters…

Many clean their gutters just with a garden hose, but the job is best done with some other tools.  Make sure you have a narrow garden trowel or hand spade, plumber’s snake, trash bags or bucket, good working gloves, extension ladder and a garden hose with a sprayer attachment.

Start at the corners of your home, as this is where the downspouts are located.  Make sure your ladder is set up on sturdy, level ground.  Use a handyman garden trowel or hand spade to scoop out the leaves, etc, and place in your bucket or trash bag.  Whatever debris is left behind, scoop out with your hand in gloves.

Once you have removed all the leaves and debris in the gutter, it’s now time to get the garden hose.  Spray it in the direction TOWARDS the downpipe.  Keep going until the gutter is all clear.

If the downpipe seems to be blocked this will need clearing too.  First, try squirting it with the garden hose from the bottom end, hopefully that will loosen any blockages.  If that doesn’t work, squirt the garden hose from the top end of the downpipe.  And finally, if it is still blocked, work the plumber’s snake into the downpipe to loosen the debri and drag it out.

Do this for all corners and downpipes and all gutter areas on your home.

Of course this is a job that you can do yourself, but many find they just don’t have the time, or would prefer to leave it to a handyman.

Be sure to check during and afterwards if there are any holes in the gutter or repairs that need doing.

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