Giving Your Bathroom A Partial Upgrade

A complete renovation is when a homeowner overhauls their entire bathroom.  This means changing the fittings, bathroom suite, walls and flooring.  Because full renovations are expensive and time consuming, some people opt for partial renovations.  Handyman services can sometimes help with partial renovations.  Making small changes in the bathroom is the easiest and most affordable way to upgrade the room.  Simple acts like installing new mirrors and fixtures can make a big difference.  Homeowners should be aware that they do not need a lot of space or money to create a beautiful bathroom.

Those who have chipped or worn paint on the walls should consider repainting the room.  Sometimes all it takes is a fresh coat of paint to change the overall appearance of a bathroom.  Some of the most popular colors used in bathrooms are blue, aqua, white and cream.

A great way to improve your bathroom is by simply changing the vanity cupboard and basin.  This can help modernize the room as well as giving you more room and an improved sense of cleanliness.  You can usually purchase a vanity for a few hundred dollars and either install it yourself or get some hired help.

Don’t like the colour of your tiles or bath?  In some cases it can be possible to paint them with special paints made just for the job.  Enquire at your local hardware store on what’s available.  And don’t forget to regrout those tiles in the shower alcove and give a good clean.

People who need full renovations will generally have to hire a contractor and the process usually takes 2 weeks.  But if you are on a budget try some of the ideas above!

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