Child Proofing Your Home

Before your bundle of joy becomes an inquisitive, traveling toddler it is wise to child proof your home for the safety of your child.  If you are wondering how to child proof your home know there are several ways to do so.

Corner Bumpers:  Corner Bumpers protect toddlers against injuries and they are applied to furniture or counter tops with pointy, sharp edges.  Corner bumpers are affordable and vary in price, from as little as $5 for a set, up to $20 for a set.

Power Strip Covers:  Power Strip Covers are a child proofing necessity.  These covers help to prevent electric shocks from occurring and can potentially save your child’s life.  Power Strip Covers can be found in most retail stores and cost as little as $6.99.   Safety Gates:  One of the most common methods of child proofing a home is by use of safety gates.  A child safety gate can prevent children from entering dangerous, forbidden areas, such as steep stairs.  They are fairly inexpensive and start around $15; just make sure that the gates you will be purchasing do not have expanding pressure bars because they can be hazardous.

Toilet Locks:  For the bathroom to be child proof, toilet locks are a must.  Toilet locks keep toilet lids closed and can prevent drowning.  These types of locks range from $9 to $15 per lock.

No parent can keep their eye on their child 100% of the time.  With child proofing items you will be better equipped to thwart accidents from happening.

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